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Wireless Sennheiser Microphone Singing Near OptiView Entertainment™ Stage

by David Michael Wong · Jan 14, 2021 · 3 min read

Studio & Stage Performance Production Advice

This article lists and explains studio etiquette standards so you know what to expect and how to prepare for your next session on stage or at film, photography, or audio recording studio. Make every performance the best possible.

To make the most of your filming time and prevent frustrations on set, read this guide to running awesome studio rental sessions and film production sets. This example outline is just organized checklist items to consider when planning major studio events or media production sessions at OptiView Studios. Pick the steps most relevant to you and build a flowchart from them! 

Editing Audio, Photo, And Video Content Immediately After Modeling
Editing Audio, Photo, And Video Content Immediately After Modeling & Performing

Rental Process Planning, Preproduction, and Flow Checklist Outline

  • Preparation
    • Conception, Communications, Casting, Educate Personnel. Research, Brainstorm, Storyboarding, Conference. Establish Goals, Aesthetics, Permits, Licensing, Insurance, Accountability & Task Distribution, Hire Key Production Heads and Coaches, Timeline, Critical Objectives. Site Visits for Event Organizers. Early Venue VIP Tours: Multimedia Vault Exhibits, Reflections Show
    • Budgeting, Sourcing, Operational Planning. Banquet Style (formal table seating with catering), Reception Style (additional standing tables), Themed Party, Other. Props & Procurement for Indoor and Outdoor Scenes in Florida. Equity, Crowdfunding, Taxes
    • Marketing and Branding. Promotional Campaigns, Partnerships, Sponsorships, Influencer Endorsements, Logo & Ad Placements, Contests, Giveaways, Media
    • Primary Installments. Grip, Electric, Camera, Sound, Preprogramming. Equipment Calibration, DMX Programming, A/V Setup, Wardrobe
    • Rehearsal. Finalize Shot List
OptiView Entertainment Camera Crew Stage
Bubbles and Film Crew Around Purple Beam Light Stage with Ring Lights
  • Main Event
    • Principal Photography, Primary Scenes, Record Data, Live Data Analysis, Ensure Live Engagement
  • Editing
    • Outtakes, Bloopers, B-Roll, Deleted, BTS, Auxiliary Audio and Visual Materials, Text
  • Distribution, Digital Content Delivery
    • Press Kit, Feature Clips, Assorted Brand Collateral & Printed Materials
    • Digital Paid Promotions, Social Media Boosts
  • Post-Event Engagement
    • Feedback, Post-Event Report, Testimonials, Retargeting
    • Interviews, Commentary, Exclusive Scenes


While the list is by no means complete, it is a good starting point for concisely organizing most common production tasks. There’s no replacement for experience, preparation, and quality practice. We are all artists going through cycles of personal development. We absorb, reflect, experiment, perfect, and perform. You may be interested in these Tips To Prepare For Rehearsal, 10 Stage Presence Tips EVERY Performer Needs, and Music Studio Rental Tips & Supplies to stay up to date with modern production. 

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