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by David Michael Wong

Jan 9, 2021 · 3 min read

Every client has their own unique set of film requirements. Enjoy these tips to enhance quality, save time, and simplify. Preparation is key.

  1. Bring an assortment of alternate props, outfits, and accessories. People can be great subjects for the focus of a film without anything else in frame. However, entertaining props can inspire good acting for the camera. During a long shoot, all sorts of subtle variations to the set and recording experience are important to spice up the energy. Preplan extra outfits and costumes around the vision.
  2. Crack humor and brief chatter between takes for calm, positive, productive vibes. Stay focused though. Some scenes or rehearsal might not allow you much break!
  3. Methodically record from one spot to the next. Develop an efficient system to cover the common angles and lighting options. Simplify the setup/breakdown process to make tedious labor effortless, especially for repetitive set changes in the same spot. Having to reshoot is always a hassle. Preparation and planning helps get it right the first time.
  4. Improvise extra ideas with the whole crew if resources allow. Extra content is always nice. Consider asking about suggestions and concerns near the beginning and end of the shoot.
  5. Take note of surprising results and unexpected obstacles throughout the process to improve next time.
  6. Don’t forget to storyboard your vision.

List of Backup Supplies

  1. Gaff tape. You might want multiple rolls in multiple colors because this stuff is just too good. Cable management, marking, securing, covering, sealing… if gaff tape didn’t exist, duct tape would be #1 here!
  2. Hair ties. At least one for every long-haired person in the video, plus one extra.
  3. Food/Water. Can’t function without it! 
  4. Makeup/deodorant. Professional makeup artists are important. They understand lighting and save editing time later.
  5. Hand Sanitizer. We touch shared props and often germy public areas when filming outside.
  6. Batteries/chargers, extra camera equipment. Keep your phone charged too.
  7. Mini portable speaker to play contrasting music during breaks. Music keeps the energy going!
  8. Fan for hot rooms and wind effects.
  9. Towel and wipes for sweat, spills, and dirty stuff.
  10. Knife/Swiss army knife/multitool. Cut stuff, screw stuff, fix stuff.
  11. Face mask. It’s 2021.
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