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Our stage and content studio enable artists, singers, and models to get creative with abstract art & décor. We offer the hottest lenses, cameras & editing software with superpowered Apple & Windows PCs.

Events Will Be Announced

OptiView Entertainment is an immersive multi-purpose venue that will feature dynamic programming to 3D Art, a modern Lounge, a Plant-based Café, Content creation Sets, 4K LED Walls, High tech theatrical stage, recording studios, gaming area, photography, film editing room, costume design, set design room, and much more as we finish our build outs.

Follow our Instagram page for the latest news on our build-outs as they become available. Once finished we will update this page.

We take pride in our true 360 sound stage & lighting rig with Dolby Atmos computing power that is used in IMAX theatres.

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360 Virtual Tour

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Orlando Voyager Article

360° DMX Lighting, Sound Design, Live Art Media Productions & 4K LED Walls.

Infinity Walls – Chroma Key Cyclorama & Photo – Video Backdrops.

Holograms Displays, Concerts, VR, XR, Gaming Centers, Recording Studio & Green Screens.

Influencer Marketing, Post Production, Specialty Equipment, Social Lounge, and more!

2019 Content Creation Clips

See our Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates. We will release an updated video soon. We did major upgrades since this video was made.

We plan to release part 2 of this video, this video features content from 2019 and earlier from 2020 before the outbreak. Since this video, we have added a lot of new decor, technology.

OptiView Gaming

OptiView Gaming is a futuristic gaming club with surreal environments for the latest consoles, PC games, and Virtual Reality!

Encounter: gaming thrones •LED WALLS •8K VR, Cosplay events •Lounge decor •Casual, competitive, and professional streaming.

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State of the art technology & software!

Private Rentals, Screenings, Prereleases, Private Parties, Social Club, Lounge Nights, Leisure & Recreation, Music Videos, Concerts, Broadcasting Light Shows, Health, Wellness, Dance, Cultural Traditions, Educational Classes, Community Awareness, Business, Trade Events, Fashion, Modeling, Culinary & Comedy.

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