A Healthy Work Experience

Perspective's from our workers.

Years ago, an ad guided me to an OptiView 360 tech sales position. Jaya, co-director, greeted me by phone. Her voice came through bubbly, direct, simple, excited, and casual yet professional. She explained growth opportunities in mobile advertising LED trucks, photography, video, stage theatre, 360° virtual tours, healthy culture, and a need for competent nerds with branding, hardware, and digital responsibilities. Whoa, that fits me; everything sounds better than expected! I visit the studio to truly comprehend the vision and meet the owner, Joe. I was about to lay eyes upon the world’s most fun and healthy job environment.

Wow… in the back of a huge flooring warehouse was a high-ceiling blackbox theater-style AV production studio with silver truss and sleek commercial stage lights all around, partially cluttering the floor in laboratory/craftsman style. The unique stage and quality gear surprised me. The whole setup was massive. I could easily imagine it reaching the pinnacle of digital marketing, publishing insane stunts and technological miracles on a daily basis. LED walls, high-converting video, ads, media, talent, art, entertainment. It just felt like a good fit. Little did I know, it was home to an inspirational light show!

Fun Healthy Job Aerial Silk

The Interview

Jaya welcomed me through the venue to a busy Joe occupying a standard 6-ft foldout gray table stationed in the center of the room next to a sharp-orange 2-man scissor lift. We sat in heavily-used yet comfortable spinny office chairs and talked a little about a lot as Joe wrenched away at electronics. Solid storytelling. All our mannerisms were almost normal, except we exuded impressively youthful energy full of confident anticipation. I wore a great tie in a strong knot, likely  sporting my favorite turntable cufflinks. With highly relevant skills, ambitious positivity, and full availability, we proceeded to training.

The interestingness-level was sky high around this world-class stage and I knew LED trucks would inevitably be poised to dominate Orlando traffic. I was pretty excited to help and sell, but it took several weeks to become thoroughly knowledgeable about OptiView 360 products and services and get back into the selling mindset. I felt infinitely more at ease and laid back with their coaching. And from there we started revitalizing the brand.

Valentina Reis Fun Healthy Work In Gaming Throne
Plush Lounge Seating, Gorgeous Furniture

Fun & Healthy Vision, Serious Priorities

Today, I only invest in one vision, one brand. I support a company that measures success from tangible creations and community impact. Every breath serves the same purpose. I love work with OptiView Entertainment, and here’s why:

I admire our energizing passion, youthful spirit, and drive for perfection. Different reasons motivate us yet we share the same mission: getting over “the hump”, our final stage to self-sustaining business success. We shed all doubts, stress, and fears by unleashing novel multisensory performances with awe-inspiring, high-tech gadgets. Everyone benefits from our healthy and forward-minded workplace. Carefully crafted culture is priceless.

The Entities

OptiView 360 – Marketing Agency
OptiView Entertainment – Audio Visual Equipment
OptiView Social – Private RSVP Lounge – Website In Process
OptiView Studios – Live Streaming & Content Creation Studio – Website In Process
Reflections Show – Inspirational Show for creators & entrepreneurs
OptiView Gaming – High Tech 4K Gaming & VR – Website In Process
The Media Mobile – LED Billboard Trucks

Fun Highlights, Technologist, Ultralounge Culturist

Luxurious escape from reality with pure air, fresh water, and peaceful vibes

Critiquing exotic vegetation and healthy culinary experiments to open a  Mystical Munchies Foods plant-based cafe

Melding goofy and professional content in eye-grabbing promotions with radical guests and performers

Bosses gift food, fashion, furniture, gear, and accessories


  1. D’Best world-class theatrical light shows to explode brand aware

  2. Procure a larger venue to enable more grandiose exhibits and increased audience capacity

  3. acquire nearly one of every popular instrument to accommodate visiting musicians

  4. Revolutionize surround sound with Dolby Atmos, integrate visuals

  5. Design lightshows around supercars

Fun OptiView Social lounge, performances, Nerd Nites, and AV masterpieces


I’m lucky to have freedom and power to improve our fun and healthy environment on a whim. We have the best clientele, tech, coworkers, and responsibilities imaginable, plus the humility and transformational leadership to help us grow as a team. We’re so quick to help each other and fix things.

Everyone has the best sense of humor. Working always feels like hanging out and joking around. We still know how to take it seriously and get the job done. I’m known as a paradoxical cowboy alien robot in pajamas serving the sound of the underground around extended reality and futuristic tech. You won’t find that kind of job description anywhere else!

Habits And Routines

I quite enjoy our daily routines. Joe springs motivational banter sessions full of business education and spiritual wisdom. Jaya cooks up superb meals every night, constantly sharing Ayurveda and nutrition tips that helped me shed ten pounds and tone up the start of 8-pack abs! We appreciate the same foods and sustainable strategies. Furthermore, Joe and Jaya are selfless, especially when it comes to food, drinks, water, vitamin supplements, etc. They give me plenty of food and I just have so much fun eating all the exotic fruits and leftovers! They don’t call me the human garbage disposal for nothing! Speaking of food, I’m glad I was able to help choose commercial café equipment at a good price. Now we finally have some elbow room around the sink to cook and clean twice as fast!

Mystical Munchies Food to me is a ∞ star restaurant with wildly fun, sweet hospitality plus magical healing nutrition for everyone. I was already pretty healthy, but now my stomach is stronger and my taste buds more disciplined. We put a good cooking routine in place, from cutting board to compost, which saves so much time and waste.

I wear the OptiView logo with pride. Vehicles are vinyl-wrapped, gear is stickered, and clothes are custom ordered for every occasion. Even our wine glasses are laser-etched. I’m particularly proud of our Instagram page, especially for showing off toys to new business prospects. The unusual colors and vibrant so subjects in each post are so captivating. Our studio brings new mindblowing visuals every week and we constantly meet influencers. I always have something trendy to bring up in conversation and I make a habit of inviting fellow nerds with business cards during local errands.

Neon String Fun Healthy Job Box UV
Geometric UV String Cube


I love the artistic encouragement and respect for the creative process. Coworkers understand the importance of morale and motivation. We inspire passion and commitment, always talking each other up. I get complimented on work ethic, music, ninja skills, and stomach capacity and it’s hard not to blush. I don’t need a wingman with funny Jaya vouching for me! Joe always asks if I’m happy about everything. I always affirm and he always replies: “I love that!” or “Well as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters, right son?”

They understand it takes time and focus to polish art and develop beauty. We all want clear headspace, so we’re careful to get plenty of vitamins and hydration to fuel brains and bodies. Sleep is sacred and plant-based food is guaranteed. We are a tribe, thus we are obligated to protect ourselves, our guests and our surroundings. I agree with the OptiView Codes and appreciate the “Good Vibes Only” requirement. We promote a positive and optimistic attitude. We understand and empathize with people navigating life’s challenges, and enjoy sharing their motivational stories. I’m always impressed and fascinated with the Reflections Show testimonials.

Nowhere else have I found so much intense care for employee lifestyle. We want everyone to find the strength reach their goals. Jaya supports us with nutrition, creative directing, and an abundance of hardcore protocols to ensure we function all proper, healthy, and safe. Joe prevents danger, banters oddly, and finds the funniest people. Josh is one of those funny people, abundant with sarcasm but serious about work. The team works together to streamline tasks at hand- it can’t get much better!

Spinning Sculpture, Fun Visual Stage Design
Spinning Sculpture, Fun Visual Stage Design


Our lounge reminds me of a luxurious Ibiza paradise crossed with retrofuture cyberpunk, and there’s nothing like it. We improve everyone’s quality of life with unique, high-quality, spiritually enlightening, creative content. It’s easy to see that we’re making big moves, and this technology paints the future of entertainment. Still, it took me a year to truly understand the business plan. The reward is in the work. The reward is work. Our lives are our work. I’m so content with accomplishments but I still hold one final itch that can only be expressed through the manifestation of an epic masterpiece. Tweaking the rig and programming inspirational lightshows for a nonstop ethereal experience will get us there. I work to advance human performance and share life-changing passion and emotion to our guests. I work to make everyone happier.

We allow guests by invite only; prescreening sets expectations. Every studio tour feels smoother than the last with casual and friendly tone. Visiting professionals keep coming back more and more amazed. We have walk-ins too, and I remember every look of surprise from the funny and bizarre hidden gems. Nobody expects the clarity and clean, relaxed, dominating power of the surround system. Nobody expects the perfectly calibrated outdoor-strength-brightness LED wall crispness running 4K 60fps visuals. No matter the event, I have fun at my job encountering all kinds of people and watching every type of reaction.


I’m glad our hiring standards are strict. We can only except reliable, passionate people so that simply being around our likeminded brainiacs is motivation. We’ll push through anything. Joe will protect the team at all costs, which is exactly what a CEO should do. He invests all-in on his dream and his supporters, and faith in the end-result never falters. Something about the studio makes everyone stronger. Literally and metaphorically (AV equipment is heavy)! Each day we’re eager to get back to the studio and bring the team success. If we see someone getting stressed, we try everything possible to get them relief. That’s what I call family.

OptiView Studios Recording Session Fun Healthy Work Environment Stage

Resources & Education

There used to be an ongoing scavenger hunt for parts and pieces. Never again. We carved out multiple well-organized tool areas with tons of shelving space. Practically every popular hardware and software is at our disposal. We’re lucky to have a wonderful building owner and central location. I pick up tons of tips and muscle memory working with flagship cameras, stabilizers, PCs, LED panels, hologram fans, lights, cables, electrical, utilities, interior design, art, legal, marketing, PR, and really every aspect of AV production and entertainment. It’s like a giant LEGO toolbox with no limits: I can build anything. And I know that if we ever need something ordered bad enough, Joe or Jaya will buy it. I don’t mind contributing everything I own to the project either though. Sharing with coworkers is the best.

I’ve learned so much about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and sustainable practice too. I was already obsessed with human performance, but now I get to apply every ounce of research to gifts for the community, from horticulture for clean air and fresh cafe food to medicine for the body. I’m also really, really lucky to experience theatrical performances daily with the most powerful stage equipment ever.

Feeling Accepted

I wouldn’t be nearly as confident with general business acumen without the high standards we hold ourselves to. The collaborative environment feels good, and the tech keeps us pumped. It feels amazing to have a voice that is heard. Every day is an adventure full of variety and I can’t say thank you enough. In fact, there’s so much more to love about the workplace that I look forward to releasing a Part 2 to this article soon. Thank you OptiView Entertainment!

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Studio Photography

“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all…Good design must primarily serve people.”


With over 7000 photos of properties and events photographed, we are the #1 resource for Real Estate professionals, builders, special events & interior designers.

Our photos include a combination of multiple lighting setups and exposure blending techniques that are processed to the upmost quality. Each photo will be edited in 3 different software programs and individually manipulated to produce a crisp and vibrant photographs.

Our clients understand that professional photos are not just a service for their seller, but a reflection and branding of themselves and their business.

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