Instagram Worthy Photoshoot Fashion Model
Portable DJ Booth Gear and Drums on Stage

by David Michael Wong

Jan 9, 2021 · 3 min read

Central Florida Content Creators Unite!

OptiView Entertainment™, OptiView Social, and OptiView Studios are recruiting filmmakers, social media influencers, photographers, videographers, and artists of all kinds! Incorporate all the traditional arts in crafting unbelievable  experiences. Live performances dig deep into the physical, social, and personal impacts of art. Fully-immersive exhibits become ethereal. Find everything you’d ever need for a photoshoot all in one place (Orlando, FL).

Unique Event Venue Rental In Orlando

Quality people, genuine reactions, and intriguing surroundings take your social media to the next level.

Every Angle is Picturesque!

 Customize up to 24,000 sqft of landscape and furnishings to match your style. Prepared genres and themes for Instagram photoshoot ideas include:

Modern, Corporate, Office, Commercial Advertisement, Interview
Cyberpunk, Futuristic, Alien, Space, Sci-Fi, Gaming
Home, Kitchen, Bath, Bedroom, Boudoir, Living Room
Medieval, Fantasy, Renaissance, Romantic, Vintage 
Holiday, Birthday, Wedding, Party, Celebration
Urban, Industrial, Warehouse, Stairway
Psychedelic, New Age, Abstract
Nature, Patio, Garden, Gazebo
Western, Retro, Old Hollywood
International, Travel, Food
Music, Concert, Livestream
Healthcare, Medical
Horror, Mystery

Better IG Story WWE Wrestler Amber Nova
High Vibe Yoga Trainer Certified Yogi and Class Student

Sophisticated Performances Spark Genuine Reactions!

Most first-time visitors don’t know how to react when they step inside. They look around, walk gingerly, get closer, and then let their jaws hit the floor. Once the initial shock is over, conversation becomes lighthearted and the creativity starts flowing.

boli film
Instagram Star and Spanish Vocalist Recording On Stage with Lasers and DMX Lights

Adaptive Environment Adds Any Background, Any Prop

Outdoor-strength, 4K, Ultra HD LED screens add realistic virtual backgrounds, intense visuals, and a sleek stage aesthetic. Recording possibilities are endless with plenty of props and an amazing curation of digital content.

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