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360° DMX Lighting, Sound Design, Live Art Media Productions. 4K LED Walls, Infinity Walls – Chroma Key Cyclorama Photo/Video Backdrops, Holograms Displays, Concerts, VR, xR, Gaming Centers, Recording Studio, Green Screen Content Creation, Influencer Marketing, Post Production, Specialty Equipment, Social Lounge, and more!

Studio Rental & Film Scenes

2019 - 2020

See our Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates. We will release an updated video soon.

We plan to release part 2 of this video, this video features content from 2019 and earlier from 2020 before the outbreak. Since this video, we have added a lot of new decor, technology.

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Private Rentals, Screenings, Prereleases, Release Parties Social Club, Lounge Nights, Leisure & Recreation, Music Videos, Concerts, Broadcasting Light Shows, Health, Wellness, Dance, Cultural Traditions, Educational Classes, Community Awareness, Business, Trade Events, Fashion, Modeling, Culinary, Comedy

Lighting & Programming

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