Summary:  OptiView Social is a relaxing lounge environment and social club for creative minds. Unwind and escape reality. Fantasy lounge tech, stellar etiquette, and deep passion elicit extreme emotion. Events with OptiView Social are infinitely more fun and engaging than a typical “great time”. 


OptiView Social is an industrial underground warehouse and cyber playground for adults. A venue for social scientists to experiment. It’s full of interactive toys, holograms, laser shows, levitations, and futuristic lighting. There’s a stage elaborately furnished with nearly $2 million in tech and a multipurpose showroom floorspace in the adjacent room. No two events are the same.

Everything about OptiView Social is worth raving over, but a few traits stick out. Firstly, the whole building is decorated to be fun, inspiring, and luxuriously convenient. The outside front entrance might appear humbly inconspicuous until you are most welcomingly greeted and escorted indoors. Then, hundreds of surprises unfold at each step. You instantly take note of the journey’s awesome power. Witness pure sound, swirling lights, and a hypermodern shine of stainless steel in stacks on stacks of tech.

Here are thirteen reasons to try OptiView Social’s lounge nights, special events, and venue rentals.

Unique Benefits Of OptiView Social

Each trip marks a profound memory.

Limitless tech is epic.

Planning and operations show passion.

High detail work yields sophisticated results.

OptiView Social networking develops polished charisma and benevolent heart.

Every angle is picturesque.

Audiophile soundscapes uniquely envelop each room.

Natural, nontoxic, sustainable.

Youthful curiosity is abundant.

Amenities suit introverts and extroverts.

Every conversation is interesting.

Intrigue, memorability, and kinesthetic activities aid learning.

Adaptive environments revolutionize gaming.


Every angle is picturesque. Soundscapes are clear and pristine. Every sense is sweetly stimulated and satisfied.

OptiView Social Collage
OptiView Social is a relaxing lounge environment and social club for sophisticated minds. Unwind and escape reality, like a mini vacation.

"Esoteric" - Channing



OptiView Social took time in 2020 to remodel, upgrade,


Impressive Event Management

Irresistible entertainment 

Premium hospitality

Large video backgrounds

Stadiums, conventions, theater

International cultures

New tech




Concerts and venues struggle to reopen while this private studio fills a void in entertainment and content creation.

Lights, lasers, and speakers push the power of a stadium festival with more precision and intimacy than an opera house! Semi-permanent installs boast drastically heightened performance quality and avoid transportation costs.

 Where else can you find all this in one place?




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