by David Michael Wong 

Jan 5, 2021 · 4 min read

High-Class Social Club And Lounge Spaces Just Opened!

Couch and Lounge Stage Studio
OptiView Entertainment™ Stage Studio and Social Lounge Club

Summary: OptiView Social is a relaxing lounge environment and social club for creative minds. Unwind and escape reality. Events with OptiView Social are never boring!

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Live Performance Lounge Nights Are The Best!

OptiView Social is cyber playground for adults. An industrial warehouse full of interactive toys, holograms, laser shows, strange levitations, and futuristic lighting. A raised stage is elaborately furnished with nearly $2 million in tech. A multipurpose showroom floorspace in the adjacent room is surrounded by backdrops and art. No two events are ever the same.

Everything about OptiView Social is worth raving over, but a few traits stick out. Firstly, the whole building is decorated to be fun, inspiring, luxurious, and convenient. The outside front entrance might appear humbly inconspicuous until you are most welcomingly greeted and escorted indoors. Then, hundreds of surprises unfold at each step. Witness pure sound, swirling lights, and a hypermodern shine. A friendly team exhibits stellar etiquette and deep passion for cutting-edge entertainment.

13 Reasons To Join OptiView Social Events

  1. Each trip marks a profound memory.
  2. Limitless tech is epic.
  3. Planning and operations show passion.
  4. High detail work yields sophisticated results.
  5. OptiView Social develops polished charisma and priceless connections.
  6. Every angle is picturesque.
  7. Audiophile soundscapes uniquely envelop each room.
  8. Cleaning products and supplies are natural, nontoxic, and sustainable.
  9. Inspiration is abundant. There’s always something new to discover.
  10. Amenities suit introverts and extroverts.
  11. Kinesthetic activities aid learning.
  12. Revolutionary gaming.
  13. Every angle is picturesque. Soundscapes are clear and pristine. Every sense is sweetly stimulated and satisfied.
Rita Good Vibe
WWE Wrestler Rita Reis Holding Good Vibes Only Neon Sign - LED Stage Throne

The Ambience Is Unique

OptiView Social promotes global interconnectedness and sophisticated positive thinking. A soothing ambience relaxes guests and performers. Contrasting chill and hype energies balance each other. Talent is fierce. Nowhere else will you find a hi-tech stage with 4K LED video walls!

To learn more about OptiView Social and OptiView Studios, visit and

Hand On DJ Booth Rita Reis
Custom 4+ Channel Modular DJ Booth at OptiView Social

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