OptiView Entertainment LED Wall Studio Hidden Escape Room
OptiView Entertainment™ LED Wall Studio Hidden Escape Reality Room

by David Michael Wong · Jan 9, 2021 · 4 min read

Travel Through Time & Space In This Retro-Future, Industrial, Hideaway Speakeasy Lounge

OptiView Social is finally here! Join the club and gain exclusive perks to OptiView Entertainment, OptiView 360, OptiView Studios, the Reflections Show, and more. They’re all hidden inside the D’Best Floors building on East Colonial.

OptiView Social experiences demand serious mental commitment. Don’t forget to breathe as we uncover this previously unknown secret society. Orlando’s most central private event venue and underground stage attractions feature:

  • Heavy emotional impact
  • Brilliant scenic transformations
  • Profound discussion
  • Therapeutic tension, release, and surprise
  • Life-like technical innovation
Green Laser Light Vertical Beam OptiView Entertainment™
Green Laser Light Vertical Beam OptiView Entertainment™

Ride the most advanced experiential design journeys in modern 4D+ cinema. Humans and artificial intelligences evolve together. Receive irresistible entertainment and premium hospitality. We recruit the most passionate and motivated members while offering extra guest passes and custom services during these particularly unpredictable times. Don’t miss out!

Events May Feature:

Lounge Nights, Gaming Nights, Movie Nights, Film Screenings
Themed Wedding, Anniversary Celebrations, Birthdays
Galas, Balls, Conferences, Trade Shows, Seminars, Workshops
Recording Sessions, Photoshoots, Interviews, Livestream Hosting
Music Nights, Live Bands, Opera
Health, Wellness, Fitness, Yoga, Holistic Healing
Food and Wine Tastings
Professional Speaking, Voice Acting, Comedy

What Makes This Hidden Venue Different?

Firstly, every part of OptiView Social and OptiView Entertainment oozes passion, clarity, and innovation. Good vibes only!

The curated culture behind every inch of art exudes a peculiar and eclectic style. Each sensory aspect, especially the audio and visual resolution, demonstrate a perfectionist level of detail. 

OptiView Entertainment™ Social Lounge Performance
OptiView Entertainment™ Social Lounge Performance

The Ambiance MUST Be Experienced In Person

Part of OptiView Social’s charm results from the emphasis on making every interaction as personable, meaningful, and lastingly impactful. Hardly any venue in the world will offer festival-quality fun right now, let alone private multimedia stage performances. This unorthodox level of intimacy with VIP tours, parties, and events feels so liberating and detailed without the chaos of the outside world.

Get accustomed to large video backgrounds, stadium gear, local celebrities, and all the content creation benefits of a film production studio. There’s a lot more to OptiView Social than meets the eye. Just hanging out or observing is well worth a trip! New features are released each week.

Music enthusiasts and cinephiles may benefit the most from new equipment. Diverse cultures promote fresh events (usually infused with extravagant tech) while concerts and venues struggle to reopen. Lights, lasers, and speakers push the power of a stadium festival with more precision and intimacy than an opera house! Permanent installs boast drastically heightened performance quality while avoiding steep transportation costs and mobile stage setup effort. Upgraded lounge areas offer plush new décor and hidden gems.

Thus, private studio  lounges fill a void in entertainment with a bonus of hypermodern ultralounge content creation. Once everyone catches on that OptiView Entertainment is hosting and performing world-class live events almost daily, smaller bookings may become unavailable.  

Event and Entertainment Industry Trends - Year 2021

Amidst great turmoil, the year 2021 is predicted to emphasize:

  • Health, sustainability
  • Nontraditional Venues, boutique event spaces, intimate small events
  • Full-screen video, hi-res streaming, digital audience interaction (i.e. TikTok/Duet, IGTV/Live)
  • Virtual raves and concerts
  • Consumers demand transparency, authenticity, cultural empathy, and political justness.
  • Consumers seek more social networking, personal attention, and one-on-one digital interactions
  • Consistency in branding
  • Expanding concierge service selection
  • Influencer marketing, content creation, streaming
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality

You’re encouraged to apply for temporary membership and immediately request an introductory private tour with up to nine qualified friends (optional). Memberships are temporarily discounted and more easily accessible at the beginning of this year. Email [email protected] or text/call (407) 731-0767 to get started.