by David Michael Wong

Apr 29, 2020 · 2 min read

Virtual tours and 360 photography demands wide lenses and long exposure times

Capture the best of your location and capitalize on the SEO value of Google Maps with this information:

  1. Great Final Colors: Color grading is like the tone of an instrument. A musician can play the right notes and rhythms, but a poor timbre equates to weaker overall sound. A good photographer captures the desired feel with proper use of color and treats it as a tool.
  2. Creatively Seeks and Creates Perspective: Many top artists and photographers will instantly scan for the best vantage points in a room or environments as soon as they enter, like a national security guard analyzing potential entrances and exits. Seek professionals that are willing to move around quite a bit for variety with framing, lighting, and angles. It would be odd if they didn’t make at least one suggestions to somehow modify the environment!
  3. Foresight: The photographer that anticipates possible complications with backup solutions in advance will be the one that prevents issues from arising. A good photographer almost always ask several questions for tons of information beyond what the client initially provides. They’ll expect inclement weather, timeline difficulties, and reasons to backup data. Photographers often need to bring at least a couple additional lenses, batteries, a cleaning cloth, stabilization gear, etc.
  4. Testimonials: Your photographer may have been with your business from the beginning, there to share your greatest moments. Working with them should be a pleasure all-around. Photographers should appreciate your honest feedback even if they don’t ask you for a testimonial. Consider taking the initiative to support them by rating, liking, subscribing, or otherwise positively engaging their major digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Supporting your artists and editors across multiple digital channels instead of just one is a very kind gesture that most people will notice right away and truly cherish.
  5. Thoroughness: Full, proper coverage according to industry standards both outside and inside (if applicable).

So I know what you must be thinking: “Aren’t these just traits of all good photographers?” Ideally! And ideally most photographers have really strong legs, steady body control, unlimited patience, and a passion for the highest attention to detail. So feel free to ask for our references and recommendations for photographers around the globe (but mostly in the U.S.).

SEO BONUS: Adding a 360° virtual tour to the Maps part of your Google My Business profile lets Google “see inside” your business, establishes trust with viewers, at least triples conversion rates for listing alongside HD photos, slashes bounce rates as user engagement rise like a thousand-fold, saves everybody time, increases perceived value increases since a shoot captures your location at it’s finest, and is -in my biased opinion- a generally sleek, impressive tool to show off to your network and increase domain authority.