Reflections Inspires Uplifts Is Hope

The Reflections Show is a multidimensional theatrical entertainment ministry that focuses on detailed programming while providing a life-changing experience for the audience.

Our Cannabis based ministry’s goal is to help change the mindset of our current culture to one that is more in line with nature and cannabis during worship.

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Mission Statement:
Breaking the stigma on Cannabis. An all-inclusive haven that was created and molded by a new generation of conscious minds. Without a plan, the best ideas are only dreams and at Reflections ministry it becomes a place of opportunity, guidance, and transformation. There is no greater value in life than our passion that we possess deep within and our beliefs of the power of plant healing alternatives. Using state of an art technology, light, and sound to bring spirituality and plant culture together.

Inspiration from Cannabis
Through his formative years, Joseph was able to connect with his creative side using cannabis, which he feels has been bestowed to us by a higher power. Cannabis provided him the strength needed to get through the hard times and realize his life’s purpose by creating something meant for everyone to enjoy. His favorite strains include Blue Dream, Juicy Fruit, AC/DC, Granddaddy Purple, Durbin Poison, Jack Herer, and White Widow.

The Future
In addition to being a place for finding inspiration, Reflections will open its doors to aerial yoga/meditation, weddings, private parties, filming and photography, musical events/bands, seminars.  There will be a plant-based café run by Jaya Bressack, who has over 15 years cooking experience with a specialty in plant-based comfort food.  Also, With an advanced menu for special events.

Continuing to develop as it breaks through its Beta phase, Reflections will expand into a full-blown production with the addition of more lights, a larger theater, more performers and surround sound.

Cannabis Church
Originally intended to be a mind-expanding experience with a powerful message about life, overcoming obstacles, and the ups and downs we encounter along the way; Reflections has achieved its goal and believes that civilization as a whole is ready to embark on a new journey of higher consciousness where people can connect and discover more about themselves, others and nature. The show’s creator, Joseph, intends on sharing his knowledge and passion of cannabis with state-of-the-art technology that will be both, educational, and enlightening.

OptiView 360 Tours
Reflections Arts & Culture, INC
501c3 – 83-1955065


State of the art lighting & sound!

GrandMA Lighting

Control Systems

The GrandMA2 Full-Size represents MA Lighting’s most powerful console. It offers the control of conventional light, moving lights, LED fixtures, and media from one platform.
What Does Reflections Mean To You
Take pride in the years I spent in developing a unique light show, that will bring joy and inspiration to the world. I care about the problems in the world today and concentrate on cultivating the best possible spiritually based show anyone has ever seen.

Joseph Andrew

Reflections Creator

The Latest In

Movers, LED & Lasers

Hybrid Movers, Beam Fixtures, Wash, UV, LED, Lasers, Hazers, C02 Jets, Trussing, Video Projections, Ground Fog & More!

1.5M In Lighting & AV Assets

8 Years In The Making & 2 Ways To Invest!


Investment Opportunity

Make a difference in the minds of many, while getting a return on your investment. We have a unique approach to our programming that any age group can enjoy.

501c3 Division


Our non-profit division will offer guidance, hope, encouragement, and enlightenment for your life’s journey. By donating you can ensure our message is heard to those who seek inspiration, so that they can fulfill their dreams & never give up.
501c3 – 83-1955065

The Experience

In the heart of beautiful sun shining Orlando, Florida lies a hidden gem of cutting-edge immersive entertainment called The Reflections Show, expressed through OptiView 360. Inspired by cannabis, this audio-visual experience is unlike any other, employing a host of sensory elements that surrounds you, penetrates you and mesmerizes you using a more than 300 intelligent lights, hybrid movers, beam fixtures, UV/LED light, transcendent music, video projectors, fabricated build-outs, state of the art software and talented entertainers including DJ’s, acrobats, dancers and live performers. The effect produces response that is both cathartic and uplifting. Currently in its Beta 4.0 stage, Reflections offers a unique investment opportunity for those in the industry who recognize the productions potential for what it is… “the future of 3D/4D entertainment”, says Joseph.

As I enter the theater, I take my seat in a comfortable massage chair, soaking in the setup as anticipation rises inside of me. I sign the epilepsy waiver, taking note to cross that off my mental bucket list, and wait as the main lights go down. My eyes adjust as melodic music begins and two screens come to life with images of spiraling fractal patterns, preparing me for the impending sensory odyssey. Spotlights begin to flash as a multitude of rainbow-colored lights ungulate, piercing my visual field in an array of animated patterns, creating special 3-dimensional effects that, until now, seemed impossible. Bubbles, fog, foam, confetti and more compliment the sensory expedition as they rain down from the rafters at selected moments, reflecting, splitting and magnifying the elegant choreography of intelligent lights into an otherworldly, prismatic visual feast that is like being inside of a psychedelic hologram. Just when I think it can’t get any more intense, I slip on my 3D glasses and watch as the webs of light shatter into shards of the spectrum, leaving me in awe.

Captivated, I let myself become fully immersed by the brilliant spectacle unfolding before my eyes as time falls away. My mind begins to unwind as anxiety and stress fade into the blackness, replaced by sensations of serenity and satisfaction. My muscles become weightless as they release their tension to the driving musical beat that radiates throughout my body, filling me with soothing vibrations. The pace quickens as the show reaches its crescendo, completely transporting me into a Tron-like fantasy dreams-cape. Suddenly, Josephs voice comes through the speakers, blending with the rhythmic bass to deliver a message of positivity, overcoming hardship and achieving one’s true purpose; forcing my thoughts to turn inward and awaken the sparks of passion within.

As the cinematic sensory journey comes to an end, I can’t help but craving more. A sense of overwhelming optimism, relaxation and positivity grips me from the inside out as endorphins flood my system, stimulated by the therapeutic aspects of the optic/auditory encounter. Next to me I hear the audience uttering words of praise with comments like, “epic”, “amazing”, “intense”, “so good”, and “I freaking loved it”, on par with my own stunned reaction. Read more life altering testimonials here. As the main lights come back up, my mind ‘reflects’ on the cerebral evolution I’ve just experienced as I shift into a vibration of peace and tranquility, leaving me feeling as though I’ve just experienced a transcendent awakening.

After the show, I am invited behind the scenes to witness the magic that makes the madness as Joseph introduces me to his impressive equipment. The GrandMA2 Full-Size console certainly caught my attention, as did the Madrix software used for bit-mapping. With a touch of his finger, he reveals his expert ability to control each component of the technology with amazing precision and adaptability as he activates many of the intelligent lighting fixtures. As he harmonizes the luminous beams to the music, I realize the production is just one big instrument and Joseph is the prodigy conductor. The state-of-the-art software he employs is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. A brilliant concoction of 1’s and 0’s that allow the vision of Reflections to come to life. As a layman to this tech, I’m lost in some of his inner workings’ explanation, but can easily see what it takes to realize a production of this magnitude… determination, passion and meticulous attention to detail. “It takes hundreds of hours to execute the programming for a single song”, says Joseph, “I’ve spent thousands of hours over the years just refining how it all inter-phases and comes together”.

Passion & Heart

Eight years ago the journey began to create a visually stunning show. It was created and molded by a new generation of conscience minds. What drives Reflections Show is our unwavering love for what we do. There is no greater value in life, than the passion that we possess deep within. This is what makes our show unique.

Attention To Detail

Over 300 intelligent lights require LASER focus and detail orientation. We create each scene down to milliseconds. Perfect harmony of precision and lighting effects is bound together with music for jaw dropping reactions. Our 3D & 4D visual journeys will leave you coming back for more.

Theatrical Performances

Our show features, black light theater, aerial performances, stage performances, artificial intelligence entertainment, 3D, 4D, on screen cinema, contortionists, entrepreneurship messages, and visual journeys.


Steve Jobs said, “It's the crazy ones that change the world.” We are persistent and crazy enough to know our show will reshape the minds of many. We can create positivity and harmony within ourselves and others.

Adaptability & Innovation

We strive with the newest technology and innovation, to keep Reflections show new and fresh. The creator, Joseph Andrew, is described as a prodigy in his field. He is able to adapt to the never-ending changes in the technological arena.


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