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Reflections Show is a multidimensional theatrical entertainment ministry that focuses on detailed programming while providing a life changing experience for the audience.

Our Cannabis based Church & ministries goal is to help change the mindset of our current culture to one that is more in line with nature and cannabis during worship. Happy 420!

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Cannabis based Church Ministry

Coming Soon 2019

State of the art lighting & sound!

GrandMA Lighting

Control Systems

The grandMA2 full-size represents MA Lighting’s most powerful console and offers the control of conventional light, moving lights, LED fixtures and media from on one platform.
What Does Reflections Mean To You

Taking pride in the years spent in development, Joseph Andrew wants to give the world a light show that no one ever thought could exist. To bring joy and inspiration to anyone who experiences his masterpiece creation is his ultimate goal for Reflections and it is reflected in his work. Reflections cares about its followers and concentrate on cultivating the best possible performance-based show anyone has ever seen.”

Joseph Andrew

Reflections Creator

The Latest In

Movers, LED & Lasers

Hybrid Movers, Beam Fixtures, Wash, UV, LED, Lasers, Hazers, C02 Jets, Trussing, Video Projections, Ground Fog & More!

500K In Lighting & AV Assets

8 Years In The Making & 2 Ways To Invest!



We have a very unique approach to our programming that any age group can enjoy. Make a difference in the minds of many while getting a return on your investment.

Limited Time To Invest

Get in while you still can, investor opportunities like this won’t last long. 


501c3 Division


Our non-profit division will offer community programs, counseling, entrepreneurship courses under arts & education & religion for our 501c3. By donating you can ensure our message is heard to those who seeking inspiration. People need to learn the hidden secrets of life’s journey so that they can fulfill their dreams & never give up.
(501c3 still being filed)

Reflections Show By OptiView 360

360 Virtual Tour

Due to trademarking, licensing & patenting goals we are not showing many unique looks in the tour.

Reflections Show Interview

Reflections Show Is an Inspirational Theatrical Show That Connects With Its Audience. It’s Been Compared To Disney, Las Vegas & Broadway Entertainment Shows

Passion & Heart

7 Years ago the journey began to create a visually stunning show, It was created & molded by a new generation of conscience minds. What drives Reflections Show is our unwavering love for what we do. There is no intrinsic value that can buy the passion that we possess deep within. This is what makes our show unique.

Attention To Detail

With over 300 intelligent lights to look after you really need to be detail oriented and focused. Our mindset remains LASER focused as we create each scene down to milliseconds. We strive to create perfect harmony of precision and lighting effects that bound together with music for jaw dropping reactions. Our 3D & 4D visual journeys will leave you coming back for more.

Theatrical Performances

Our show features, black light theater, aerial performances, stage performances, artificial intelligence entertainment, 3D, 4D, on screen cinema, contortionists, entrepreneurship messages, and visual journeys.


At the core of the shows current existence has been our relentless persistence, never give up, and always pushing harder to prove we got what it takes to create change. Steve Jobs said, it's the crazy ones that change the world. We are crazy enough to know our show will reshape the minds of many so we can create positivity and harmony within ourselves and others.

Adaptability & Innovation

With the newest technology and innovation we strive to keep everything new and fresh. Joseph Andrew is described as a prodigy in his field and is able to adapt to the never ending changes in the technological arena.

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